July 13, 2011

Food Baby

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Look at this, days without posting and now two posts in one day! Am I inconsistent or am I inconsistent? You tell me.

Anywho, the sushi was type FABULOUS. Sigh, it totally satisfied my salt craving and my galpal’s fish craving and life was good. The iced tea that I had was disappointing, given that this was a really nice restaurant and the iced tea was made from a powdered mix and warm tap water, I kid you not. But the slices of watermelon at the end was a nice touch. I love Asian restaurants.

In addition to talking about not being married and other fabulous single gal things, me and my best friend discovered that we knew the same couple and would have showed up at the same wedding unknowingly. How does that happen? I knew the groom, she knew the bride, so weird! Alas, my friend lazed out and didn’t attend the wedding. But that was so weird.

After dinner, we went to the Soft Serve Fruit place – SO GOOD, subhanAllah. Amazingly delicious stuff. They make this soft and delicious frozen fruit dessert – I tried the mango – it tasted like REAL mangoes, not mango flavor. They say their soft serve is made of fruit, water and cane sugar, no additives so this is really great for lactose intolerant or vegan inclined friends. Me and my pal ended up sharing a banana soft serve topped with walnuts, chocolate chips and peanut butter – DIVINE. I would definitely go back to this place.

On the walk back to my train station, we stopped by Argo Tea and I got a coconut bubble tea, made with skim milk and white tea. Alhamdulillah that I am blessed with such healthy taste buds so that I can enjoy such gorgeousness. Because it tasted GORGEOUS.

So it was a lovely dinner that gave me a food baby and I ran to my train and caught it right before the doors and life is good, alhamdulillah.

A demain, inshAllah. Take care, party peoples!

P.S. No compensation received for these reviews, I just like talking smack.


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