July 19, 2011

Random Ramblings

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I don’t have a unifying theme or thought process for this post, so it shall be a list. I love lists, almost as much as I love tables (I LOVE tables). Soooo….

  • They are doing *major construction* in the men’s room on my floor of the office building. I sit right outside the men’s room. Joy. Insert headphones.
  • I got a new phone!!! Yay!!!! So I can listen to Pandora at work again! Yes, I need a smartphone to accomplish this as IT has blocked Pandora and other video/audio streaming websites. And gchat. Boo. But yay new phone!
  • Speaking of my precious new phone, I downloaded the WordPress app, so now I can blog on the go. Woohoo, I know y’all are just sooo *excited*!
  • I have a lot of peeves. I don’t know if they’re pet or not, but I shall prolly list them one day also. All bloggers do and I shall endeavor to copy all of them immediately.
  • Actually, I realized that my whiney/angsty/ranty 20-something-ish blog isn’t so original. That’s ok, I never set out to be an original superstar. Just want a place to dump my mind. If others enjoy the ramblings, so be it.
  • Also, I need to work on my About Me page. This blogging stuff is TUFF.
  • I realized this morning that my hips are slimmer than my middle. Yes, thankyouverymuch random locations of weight loss. I actually have a spare tire, which is nicely accentuated by my boyish hips (how????) and my tiny ribcage. I’m pomegranate-shaped. Take that fashion industry.
  • I further realized that when I belt dresses, tunics and other long shirts above my “natural waist line”, I’ve been using the girth of my belly to give the illusion of hips. And I’m ok with this. You gotta work what you got. Am I right or am I right?
  • I observe that I use the word “realized” and its variants multiple times in this post. Shrug. I don’t need a thesaurus AND WHAT?!?!?!?
  • Yes, I am actively trying to lose weight and I will focus on that periodically. Dressing conservatively is no reason to treat your body like trash (as I have learned the hard way).

Mmmmkay, that’s all for now. I need to figure out how to link to favorite blogs…..oh and get back to work. Right. Later y’all.



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  1. Haha – this is a great list of ramblings! I love it!

    Comment by sgba — July 19, 2011 @ 4:32 pm | Reply

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