July 20, 2011

More Things I Suck At

Oooh mobile blogging, go android! So I’m writing while commuting, how awesome am I? Pretty awesome, I know. I’m managing to impress myself over here. Obviously, I’m easily amused.

Sooooo I got an email last night from Bloomingdale’s, saying I had a statement ready. Bad news, as I forgot to pay the previous statement. Not forgot precisely but procrastinated too much. Cr@p, I haaaaate store credit cards. I always sign up for the initial discount and/or coupons and then I forget to pay. So much for $aving. Stoopid late fees. Even stoopider credit score. Le sigh.

Another thing I’m horrendous at is cashing checks. I’m truly and duly terrible at it. I get it from my father, he’s notorious for losing checks. I think direct deposit is the best thing ever. I have absolutely lost/forgotten about checks only to find them years later. Shrug. I put two checks in my purse today, let’s see how long they commute with me.

Oh and petty cash = the bane of my existence (autocorrect suggested “babe”; HA, I think NOT). The whole filling out of forms and attaching of receipts and multiple copies and getting approvals, gah, I hate it. I have lost out on money because I just hate the whole expense report thing so much. Yes, I’m stoopid. I did say I suck.

Another thing that drives me bonkers to this day is signing in and out at work. We literally just sign our name and the time we entered the office and at the end of the day, the time we leave. Very simple. Except I manage to screw that up, too. I forget to sign in or sign out or I get random number dyslexia and write down times that don’t exist, etc.

My supervisor is always hunting me down, asking me what on earth did I mean with my chicken scratch, why doesn’t the sign in sheet match what the automated system said, did I actually work eighteen hours in a day (I hadn’t), etc. It’s humiliating, I’ve been working here for over three years and I still haven’t figured it out. That’s over 1,000 days. Ugh. Like I told him and I’ll tell you now, give me a differential equation, I’ll solve it. Gimme a time sheet and it’s beyond my capability as a human to fill that thing out correctly.

Thinking about this stuff just pisses me off (interesting, the word “pisses” was not in the dictionary. Shrug). I apparently suck at holding on to money, I’m very good at losing it. Sigh.I’ll get over it while I’m doing the thing I suck at the most, punctuality. I’m late for work, again. Meh.


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