August 12, 2011

Ramadan Resolutions and Ramblings

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Salam y’all! I’m back, after an unintended hiatus. Yeah, I know you’re rolling your eyes at me, whatevs =D.

I was *real* busy at work, took a vacation and also apparently out of my mind in the month of July. Apparently, I decided not to pay half of my bills. Like, whaaaaa??? How does that even happen? What was my mint.com account doing while it was busy not reminding me of deadlines? I was apparently very sick and it definitely affected my mind, as I’m typically paranoid of missing a credit card payment and log into all of my accounts every weekend. SubhanAllah, I deserve the late fees for being a jack@$$ and having so many credit cards.

Oh and Ramadan Mubarak! Yes, more than a third of the month has gone by and I’m just now doing a Ramadan post. Stop hating, I get to things……. eventually! What has your Ramadan experiences been like? Quite honestly, it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be in the muggy August weather. Sleeping after suhoor helps A LOT, even though I wish I could just stay awake and get to work earlier and leave earlier, it’s all good.


Man, I started writing this post at 10 am. And now it’s 4:30 and I’m not even halfway done. Which leads me to a resolution – stop being such a perfectionist about things. Yes, do things to my best possible ability but sometimes, I need to evaluate what my energies need to be spent on. I don’t *have* to do everything perfectly. Which leads me to another resolution – prioritize. And when else but in the month of Ramadan do we prioritize so effectively? We shave away expenses, activities, words even contact with other people to the bare bone essentials and then beef those up. I need to apply that to my daily life.

So let’s list the rest of my Ramadan resolutions, because I also resolved that every post doesn’t have to be 1,000 words. I can make 20 word posts, right? Right. So let’s do this:

  1. Stop being a perfectionist, especially when it leads to procrastination.
  2. Stop procrastinating as much as possible (like how we RUSH for iftar and suhoor).
  3. Learn to prioritize.
  4. Implement prioritization (man, do I sound like an engineer or what?).
  5. Develop habits and STICK to them (habits such as salah, sleep, reading Qur’an, responding to emails, writing this blog, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.)
  6. Be nicer to my parents, really, there’s no reason to be so ungrateful.
  7. Try to talk more to my siblings, whether I live with them or not. Be proud of the adult humans they are.
  8. Also, talk to extended families (this is gonna be tough).
  9. Stop cruising the internet at work, especially if assignments are due!!!
  10. Make intentional and concious duas.

I like that I came up with 10 resolutions, it’s such a nice number. Let me get back to resolutions #2,3,4 and 9 and get back to work. Maybe I can flesh out the reasons for my resolutions later. Or even add more! Man, do I love lists.

Peace out, peoples. Enjoy your weekend.


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