September 6, 2011

The Worst Part of the Workday: Choosing What to Wear to Work

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Salam y’all, hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekends (well, in the US at least). I had a fabulous time cooking, eating, sleeping, and spending wayyyyy too much time online and on Netflix. I suppose I could have blogged but I didn’t. Whoops. C’est la vie ;).

Anyways, I hope you’re ready to read a looonnng post, because I’m in a rambling kinda mood (when am I not?) and I have the Adele station on Pandora going and life is good and I’m finally awake, which always occurs after 1pm. I would be a much more productive employee if I could start after noon. Whatevs. Also, I like how I can never stick to the title of my post. I guess my blog is more potluck than anything? Philosophizing, food, dating (which I promised, just trying to gather the mental strength to write about that aspect of my life) and now fashion. Really, my dear readers, this blog is so ME. If you were to read all of what I wrote, you would understand me better than most of my friends do.

From my blogroll, I think it’s no secret that I LOOOOOOOVVVVE, love love love fashion blogs. And clothes. And shoes. And just pretty things in general (note to self: find a cupcake blog to obsess over). Also, I love purses (note to self: add purse blog that you like). While it may seem superficial, clothes are extremely important. Clothes are *the* primary method of how you present yourself without saying a word. Someone looking at you judges you based on what you wear, whether you like it or hate it. Of course, posture, body shape and size and other features are all there but I’m most addressing the things *you* choose. And for a Muslim woman trying to dress modestly – clothes are a double/triply/infinity edged sword, if that makes any sense. And as an engineer, I need to look beyond the aesthetics of clothing, the function is sometimes more important than how awesome it looks (or not).

So every morning, I wake up and argue with myself: do I want to look cute? Do I look modest? Do I have to go to the field? Are my clothes professional enough for the office? Can I be seen after work dressing like this? Am I going to the mosque during lunch or after work? Whoa, that’s at least 6 edges right there. And that’s before I even start thinking about makeup. It sure ain’t easy, trying to satisfy personal, religious, professional and practical aspects of dressing simultaneously. I was going to address these all in one post but I think I’ll save that for another post.

And just for funsies, I lost 0.4 lbs this week! Secrets: eating ice cream every day, eat cookies and constantly snack throughout the day without having any real meals. I’m sure this is going to backfire for me eventually but adjusting to eating all day is TOUGH!!!!

So not as long a post as I had intended but I’m a little tired of writing. Also, I just wanted to share that as much as I didn’t want to roll out of bed after the holiday weekend, my socks match my dress and every time I look at my feet, it makes me smile =).


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