September 16, 2011

Quick WW Update

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Dudes, how did I forget to tell you about this week? I went up 0.8 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo TERRIBLE.

Reasons for my total inability to lose weight:

  1. Not tracking. Because I’m a goose-head, no insult to goooses intended. Ummm, geese. Anyway, start tracking!!!!!
  2. Lattes. Frappes. Desserts. I allowed myself these goodies during Ramadan for the quick pick-me-up and apparently, I continue to think they’re ok. They’re NOT. And my stomach gets really angry with milk – blessing of Ramadan: after eliminating most food for a month, slowly reintroducing stuff forces you to realize what food sensitivies you have. Joy. Stop eating the sweeties, fattie.
  3. Confused by body signals. Sometimes I think I’m hungry so I’ll eat but I’m really not hungry. Sometimes, I’m just thirsty. Or I have a bad taste in my mouth. I got so used to denying all hunger pangs that now, I’m confused by them since I can eat throughout the day. If I remember being hungry, I eat. Terrible.

So, I need to work at this whole WW thing because I’m paying $39/month for the privilege of regaining weight I’ve released. Uh, no, not acceptable. That’s $468/year!!!! Gotta do better, cuz I’m just being ridic here.


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