September 26, 2011

Purple Fatty McButterpants

Filed under: Clothes,Fatty McButterpants,rambling,Weigh In — hijabeng @ 5:16 pm

Hey yo, happy Monday. Yeah, I know, eyeroll. What, you also had the Sunday night insomnia? Gosh, we’re such twins.

Sooooo I weighed in on Saturday. Gained another pound to add to the 0.8 I gained the week before. I’m officially 159.8 and THIS IS NOT OK. I was at 151.4, what the deal? Grrrrr. It might have something to do with the fact that I consume 50 points a day, as opposed to the 29+7 that I’m allowed. Sigh. Food.

Just to compound the feelings of The Fat, I put on a suit today because I needed to look like a grownup. A suit I had no business buying but optimistically purchased five pounds ago. And my, how those five pounds have enhanced my food baby, which now proudly juts over the pants. Also, this lovely new suit, which is olive, by the way, has totally reinforced my earlier opinion that lined pants are the devil. Cuz your body needs to BREATHE. My lower body is feeling suffocated. I could just imagine my legs gasping for air. Why, oh why are you suffocating us, they plead.

But the olive suit is too beautiful and I checked with my closet for compatibility before deciding to keep it. Today, I’m wearing it with a beautiful purple sheath dress for Target and a purple hijab. And purple heels =). Perhaps I’m a little too matchy today but sometimes, you need a pair of heels  you haven’t worn in a year to get you through the Monday. And realize that, dang, you haven’t worn 3″ heels while commuting in a whiiiiile. Such is life, shrug.

I’m considering a clothing experiment. Pick one item and wear it once a week indefinitely. The item I’m considering is a blue sheath dress that I always want to wear but think that I can’t recycle to often. But it’s a navy blue sheath, that’s pretty neutral, right? Especially with the bajillion shirts I plan on wearing it with. Ok, you convinced me, I’m gonna do this. Maybe it’ll be like Navy Thursdays or something. Or Navy Wednesday, for alliteration’s sake. Decisions, decisions.


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