September 29, 2011

Love Is

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Love is when you leave work early, spending all the comp time you earned, to go get a vaccine. It’s when you stand in the middle of a busy street, waiting for your mother to pick you up from the doctor’s office because you’re on her way home from work.

Love is when you’re proud of your mom for quitting her job, even when she doesn’t understand what retirement is. And hearing about how her workplace refused to accept her resignation.

Love is when you agree to go to the supermarket on your drive home even though you’re exhausted. And it is love when your mom lets you sit in the car while she picks up a few things.

Love is when you’re just so tired but you start peeling the mangoes because your mom wanted some. So you get off the couch, grab the cutting board and a few mangoes and start peeling them with a potato peeler, sitting next to your mom while she eats rice with a snowpea-and-potato-bhaji.

Love is when you’re happy that you bought a new potato peeler that works so well on mangoes and the food your mom is eating smells really good.

Love is when you say, “Mom, that smells good,” and she feeds you a bite with her own hand. And then she alternates bites of rice with the almost caramelized snowpea-and-potato-bhaji between you and herself until it’s all gone.

Love is when you’re sad that the mangoes were all black inside but you package them all up to return to the store.

Love is when she feeds you the last bite of her meal and you say, “Mom, that was amazing. I wish  you would feed me some more.”

Love is when your mother doesn’t smack you, her 26-year-old daughter, for saying such ridiculous things. And then plates some rice and bhaji for you to eat because she knows you’re hungry.


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