October 20, 2011

Women Don’t Talk Right.

So yeah, check this http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/10/four_ways_women_stunt_their_careers.html. I could do an analysis but why should I, when this blog did it already? I have to say, I absolutely AGREE. With the whole women holding themselves back business. Speak up. Promote yourself. Get your biznis noticed. I mean, come on. Nobody else cares about you.

Women being too modest. Hmmm, what would a Muslim chick know about that, anways? Somehow, it all comes back to beliefs. Yes, I believe modesty is important and all that jazz but an even more fundamental tenet of Islam is fulfilling rights. And sometimes, I need to hold other people accountable to make sure they fulfill the rights I have on them. Why should I be so caught up running around making sure things are all dandy for them and not me? Because I’m so nurturingly awesome? Cry me a RIVUH.

The other super thing about being hijabi, in ENGINEERING (God, the lack of women sometimes) is that I can’t blend in. No matter what. Even on the way out, “Oh HijabEng, do you need to use the men’s room?” “Nah, I’m good.” “OMG I’M SO SORRY. I MEANT THE LADIES ROOM. I MEANT THE BATHROOM. I’M SO SORRY.” “WHAAA??? Oooooooooohhhh, HAHA, you said men’s room. No, I’m ok. I don’t need to use ‘the facilities.'”

I did recently have to “speak up” at work and let me tell you, I was TERRIFIED. I almost cried. It was hard, relating what I needed and what wasn’t working for me. But I put on my big girl panties and I’m happy I did it. Things are different now and they would never have been changed if I hadn’t said anything. We all just would have been frustratedconfusedface at each other, and who really needs that? Especially after I finally weighed in after 3 weeks and found out that I gained half a pound and am now 160.X and that is just @#$&%&%^%?????

Peace out.


September 15, 2011

I Wear Gym Socks with Heels

Yes, yes I indeed do. Strange, isn’t it, in a world where women debate as to whether trouser socks are appropriate with heels or flats (and why wouldn’t they be), I wear straight up thick gym socks, with my heels, and not for stretching out the shoes.

Why? Because, while I hate wearing socks, I hate the feel of shoes against my bare feet. And I had to go to the field earlier this week, so I had to be in sneakers part of the day, too. So I had to compromise somewhere, I wasn’t about to wear trouser socks with sneakers. My foot would just get slick and weird from sweating too much with the trouser sock/sneaker combo. Uh, no thanks.

So, I’m sure you’re asking, what on earth did she wear to the office that day, with her whole gym socks, sneakers and heels situation? What outfit could possibly be ok with all that jazz going on? Well, if you weren’t wondering, I’m sure you are now. I wore a simple tunic top, or kameez, with wide-legged black pants. Black sneakers for commuting (which I should review one day, I looooovvve my commuting sneakers) and switched to black pumps in the office. A kameez with dress pants is a typical in-the-office workday outfit for me, which I wouldn’t ordinarily wear to the field but I knew I was going to be in the car the entire time. If walking around a site were required, I might have worn pants I cared less about, perhaps.

I was going to take a photo of this awesomeness but I forgot, I shall have to recreate the scenario for you. Just imagine, black gym socks turned gray from repeated washing, stuffed into sleek black heels with tapered square toe box and stacked 3″ heels. Yummy, I know. Try not to choke on the jealous ;).

August 17, 2011

Wearing Foundation in the Field

My advice: don’t. Concealer, maybe. Bullet-proof eyeliner, perhaps. But a full face? Oh no no no.

So this morning, I woke up in a cheery mood after my post-suhoor nap (so like 5 am – 6:30 am??? good times). I decided that after spending the entire summer neglecting my face, barely powdering/smearing concealer under my eyes and swiping on eyeliner and blush, I’m going to put on makeup PROPERLY, and cover up my acne scars and blend blend blend. Inspired by the good mood I always get into after performing fajr on time (isn’t that a great feeling? One of my favorite things about Ramadan), I picked a pretty taupe dress with a neon magenta and neon coral floral print (huh, that sounds more horrific than it is. I assure you the dress is pretty).

I got my pretty clothes, my matching shoes are waiting for me in the office, have the perfect turtleneck and dress pants to wear with the dress (it’s freezing in the office and during my commute, I need heavy clothes) and perfectly matching scarf. And my face, mashAllah. Totally work appropriate and very pretty. I was pleased. I even wore mascara (of which I’m not a fan, shrug). Since I’m in such a good mood, I managed to leave home earlier, get a free parking spot near the train station AND catch an earlier train. Boom, boom, POW. Good stuff.

And then I come to work. I see this email, that my supervisor wants to be updated on something he randomly assigned me that absolutely belongs to someone else. So I say ok. And then he wants more than I realized. So I call shenanigans and schedule a field visit for this afternoon. Now, we need permission for various things, including taking a company car out. My supervisor saw me walking around with the approval sheet and told me he’d initial it before I get our boss’ signature…..except I’d already gotten it signed by our boss. Since when does everything need to be initialed? Gripe. I know, it’s a non-issue but sometimes I feel like we’re cool and other times not. Like did you not want me to haul butt to get this stuff done pronto?

So, I’ll be going to the field. Soon. And even though I’ll stay in the air conditioned car most of the time, I knew my face was literally going to slide off. This pushed me not to delay zuhr and make wudhu promptly. After I finished washing my face, the joy of seeing flesh-colored water sliding down my face was only increased by the utter triumph of my eyeliner and mascara tripping down my face. Not to be left out, my eyeshadow climbed all over my eyeliner and lashes and turned the beautiful blackness gray. Oy. Alhamdulillah for controlling the mess on my own terms. It would have been way worse for this to happen more slowly-but-surely in front of a male coworker in the field. But I still get to look pretty in pink =).

I cannot believe I forgot how to wear makeup to the extent that I’d forgotten what it would be like to make wudhu. I shall have to do a post one day about office/wudhu friendly makeup. Hmmm, maybe a whole series on makeup. Including random reviews. Why not? I’m the boss here, right?

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