September 30, 2011

My Life in Cartoon Form

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OMG look at what theawl.com posted here today, so many levels of pricele$$ness. Enjoy party peoples: http://thehairpin.com/2011/09/the-league-of-ordinary-ladies/.

Except for the pee thing, it is SO ME. Random “introductions” and having more fun on girl dates. Sigh, life as a single woman is universal, no matter what the deal, yo.

Further wise words of wisdom from theawl:

Some people are the wrong people. Do not confuse them with the rare people who are inherently evil or bad. These people are just not for you.

YES, SO MANY TIMES, YES. It is so reassuring to read something like that. The rest of the article is great, too, find it here: http://thehairpin.com/2011/08/what-we-have-going-for-us/

Anyways, happy Friday and enjoy life. God is Good =).


August 31, 2011

Eid Mubarak!!!!O

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Or Happy Eating!!! Lol, not a literal translation but the day after the end of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, is a COMPLETE gorgefest. So. Much. Food. Amazing. Love holidays.

Me and my family celebrated Eid on Tuesday, after hiding out at home on Monday after the effects of Hurricane Irene, so today is my first day back at the office. And let me tell you, I am exhausted. Good grief, I never realized how much energy your body uses to process food. I used to think that after eating iftar, I was just tired from fasting all day but no, I was tired from eating a meal! Yesterday and today, I’ve been suffering from all-day-food-coma. So weird. I’m groggy, caffeine doesn’t help and I look like a general sleepy mess. Score. Who woulda thunk? I need to drink more water.

All in all tho, life is amazing, my parents are coming home soon (yay!) so I have to cook and clean. Oy. I missed them a lot since they were gone during the holidays so I can’t wait to see them again (I know, I’m a baby, I’ll cry you a river later). I feel like such a working mom, rush to work, come home, feed the sibs (who are quite capable of feeding themselves and me!!!!), cook and get the house ready for parents. I give my parents until Sunday evening to recuperate and then I’ll go back to being an adolescent 26-year-old, just the way it’s supposed to be. Cannot. Wait.

I shall stop speaking in one word sentences and let y’all carry on. As you were =).

August 23, 2011

Post-Emo Update: The Dementors

Salaam y’all,

So after I was all whiney last Thursday, a couple of things happened to me that made me feel really loved, like a hug from Allah and life and the universe and everything (man, how sappy can I get?). First, on my commute home while I was transferring trains (I can easily take ~4 trains each way during my commute, UGH), I got onto an unusually crowded train. Every seat was taken and lots of people were standing. As soon as I stepped into the train, this young man in his 20’s stood up and offered me his seat, saying, “Here sister, please sit down.” My heart just melted and it was SO SWEET. And he was SO CUTE. And Arab. And Muslim. And taller than me. And well-dressed. By the end of the train ride, we were almost married in my head. Hopefully, I can run into him again one day and he’ll properly and formally propose to me. Hey, you never know.

During my extravagant commute, my smartphone keeps me company and I usually check out facebook and other ridiculous websites to pass the time if I don’t feel like napping (I usually nap). So while I was reading up on other status updates, someone had posted the following and I really felt like this was posted just for me, especially after that difficult Melancholyyyy post I had just put up:

There is nothing more potent in removing depression, grief, and sadness then recitation of Quran! As Ibn Qayyim said, “Letting one’s heart wander in the gardens of the Quran seeking consolation in it from every calamity and seeking healing from it for every disease of the heart, so that it will bring comfort to his grief, and healing for his worries and distress” via ICNA.*

Like, how crazy is that? It spoke directly to what I was feeling. That was more than a little scary. If I were a more emotional kinda gal, I would have cried. So I went home, assembled some sort of iftar and after I prayed maghrib**, I read the Qur’an. And it felt good. I read about heaven and hell and all sorts of stories and it was really therapeutic. I definitely need more religion in my life. And I pray for the people who put that status up there and inshAllah, they will get the reward for the good deeds I performed directly as a result of that status.

I may have mentioned it before but if I haven’t, I live with my parents and most of my siblings. My parents are currently traveling so it’s just been us gremlins (granted, we’re all 20+) fending for ourselves during Ramadan. Really, it’s pathetic how much advantage we take of our parents. Anyway, we’ve had a hard time calling each other so when I got a phone call at 3:30 am from my mom that night, I was so happy while I groggily spoke to her on the phone. So much happiness all in one day – AND I had iftar with both my siblings AT THE SAME TIME that evening so now y’all know why I’m all so happypants.

Also, this weekend I weighed in and I lost 1 lb! HURRAY!!!! So now I’m 156ish. Hey body, let’s try to get to 150 in a month, mmkay? Even though I’ve been having dessert every day? Ok? I’m fasting, dessert is cool. Now work with me here body!!!!

I also cooked up a storm this weekend and will eventually post the new recipes I tried out and my reviews of them. So be looking forward to that.

TMI/GROSS alert: I am also the luckiest friggin’ girl EVERRRR because yesterday, right after I took my white pants off, the dementors struck. Seriously. I refer to my period as the dementors because of an MLIA post (that I need to look up) that said something to the effect of, “Periods are like dementors because they cause you to be weak and faint and chocolate helps being affected by both” in much cooler language. If I had waited one second, those white pants would have been RUINED. FOREVER. So awesome.

So I’m a bit more optimistic but while I was reading comments on a thread on Corporette the other day, I’m beginning to think that maybe I have adult ADHD. So perhaps I’ll bring it up to my doctor and figure out how to get screened for that because the way I’m currently operating is not to my satisfaction. As you can tell from my blog posts, much rambling ensues. I need to figure what’s functionally broken with me and fix it, cuz I’m an engineer and that’s how I roll. My doctor’s been harassing me anyway since she wants me to follow up on me being really sick before so at least I don’t have to make an extra appointment. Score.

Aight, back to work and I need to figure out how  to sneak in some lunch without people finding out I’m not fasting. Wish me luck y’all. Peace.

*I really hope these people don’t find this blog, because then they’ll know it’s me and I don’t know if I can deal with that. This blog contains my secret thoughts, like a diary, if you will. I’m totally ok with strangers knowing this stuff but acquaintances….yikes. Listen up peoples, if you figure out who I am, don’t tell me. DO NOT. And don’t tell people you know who I am. But please feel free to share the blog. Actually, DO share the blog with your acquaintances.

**I should really make a dictionary page for the benefit of those people who have no clue what I’m talking about. Ok, next blog project, Dictionary.

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