September 27, 2011

Some Terrible Things

It’s time for a list again, because I like them. Today’s list will be on terrible things.

  1. I wore the same pants two days in a row. And not black pants that nobody would notice you repeating anyway. These are the precious olive pants from my suit that I wore yesterday. My preshussssss. They went too beautifully with a tan kameez with mauve and goldenrod floral print that I just HAD to wear them again. TODAY. Lined pants are still terrible. But pretttttyyyy.
  2. I really cannot focus at work. Or at home. But on the internet, I am a flipping PRO. Too bad that my life doesn’t involve me getting paid and praised for surfing the nets. Too bad. I’ll go cry a river except it would make my face puffier.
  3. Nasal spray is my bestie, for serious. My allergies have gotten so terrible this year (thank you Hurricane Irene), that I now need two nasal sprays. TWO. And one is a STEROID. But I have been slacking off so today, I woke up with a puffy face due to inflamed sinuses that eventually reached to making my eyes swell. So no contacts today. Nerd glasses for the win.
  4. I am excellent at writing letters and emails. Seriously, I am the boss of them. Every letter or email I write is perfection (except for the random missing preposition or letter but who cares). They’re clear, succinct, direct and inoffensive, even when I’m insulting or denying someone. But I just HATE writing them. So, as a minor tip within a list, do not ever let anyone know that you’re good at something you hate. Otherwise, your workload may consist of nothing but emails. EMAILS. UGH.
  5. Why can’t engineers write? People, we all went to school. You can’t coast on your math skills for lyfe. Man up, people.
  6. Wearing 3″ heels for 15 hours straight yesterday was NOT a smart move. Especially since I hadn’t done that in months. I need to ease my knees into that level of patella-dislocating-pain. I should have known better. I could actually feel the uncomfortable sliding of my kneecap while standing or walking. I do these things because I am just emitting pure genius over here. But those purple heels are my lovelies and the stacked heels were comfortable, creepy shifting kneecaps or no. Although, by the end of the night, the balls of my feet were dying but they’re okay today.
  7. I am steadily plowing through my jar of peanut butter at work. It’s the perfect snack – salty and sweet and filling. But when my coworkers find me with a purple or yellow disposal spoon in my mouth every day, that’s really not a professional snack, you know? Also, I’m eating too much peanut butter.
  8. Which reminds me, my lactose-intolerant sister can’t have any of the ghetto alfredo sauce I make (which I’ll get around to posting, eventually) but it occurred to me in a brilliant flash of intuition that I can probably make a peanut butter sauce with soy milk for her pasta. This is beginning to sound yummy. But, this is still terrible because I haven’t made it yet. See? Still fitting with the overall theme.
  9. I found out this morning that my mom has no idea what a 401k is for. She contributed to it nominally but didn’t realize how important it was. She thought that she was going to get at least $1k to $1.5k per month from Social Security. I don’t know where she got this idea from, at all. This is truly terrifying and explains why I am so financially illiterate. When I asked her what did she comprehend from the news saying that Social Security is going implode by 2014 (or whatever the latest prediction is, who knows), she said that she paid into Social Security, so she’s going to get it back. Then she mentioned her pension. Which doesn’t exist. Because she’s not a public employee. Facepalm. I need to have a serious talk with my parents about their future and the sibs on how to support our parents in the future.

Heavy thoughts today, heavy thoughts indeed.


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