September 12, 2011

I Accidentally Lit a Napkin on Fire

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Or, Toaster Ovens are Dangerous. Dangerousssssss.

So my mommy made me a breakfast sandwich this morning (be jealousss, haterz) and I brought it to work with me, since I didn’t feel consuming the egg-in-a-bagel while commuting. We have a toaster oven at the office, so I just popped it in there while I continued on to my desk, signed in and did some randomness at my desk. I return to my sandwich and I’m faced with a dilemma – sandwich is too hot for me to retrieve. So I stick my napkin in there to grab my sandwich. And napkin ignites. IGNITES!!!!

A piece of napkin broke off and continues to dance in flames while the flaming napkin in my hand quickly gets tossed in the sink, and gets drowned posthaste. The in-toaster-oven napkin burns itself to death and I patiently use another napkin to grab my sandwich. This time, it only gets charred and I was off to enjoy my delicious sandwich. Thankfully, the silly exploding napkin didn’t ignite my sandwich. That would have seriously made me sadface.

Moral of the story: I’m a hazard. The end.


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