October 12, 2011

Expired Office Foods and Passwords

On a typical day, I bring an banana (yes, I know it’s supposed to be “a” but “an banana” sounds better) and an orange to work. So I have two snacks, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. It’s great, nice sugar rush for 0 points.

But we ran out of oranges at home, so I only had the banana yesterday, so I enjoyed that in the morning with peanut butter. Come afternoon, I was SO VERY HUNGRY. Ravenous. And I couldn’t think, for want of food. I wasn’t actually hungry but my mind knew it was snack time so it was all I could concentrate on. I didn’t want to raid the candy bowl as I’ve been a Fatty McButterpants lately and going downstairs to get food – OMG choices, no thank you. So I raided my closet. And I found an expired granola bar. And let me tell you, it was bliss.

In the course of yesterday’s raid, I found a serving of chocolate pudding. Hiding behind plastic bags or some business (really, I should clean the closet out). I have no idea how long it was there but I was holding on to it for the future. Like today, after I had my lunch, I really wanted sugar but didn’t feel like making tea (w/Splenda, of course, let’s keep the unlimited 0 points rolling over here) so I found that pudding and it was MINE. It was so perfect and delicious and God bless preservatives.

That pudding was meant to be found, I tells ya, cuz I read the expiration date and it said enjoy until October 28, 2011. Which is almost 2 weeks from now. Is that fate or what? I was divinely guided to that pudding. Yummmmmm…..puddddding =). Which, by the way, reminds me of the stoopid “pudding face” ads in train stations. They’re creepy as anything. Huge, gory, stretched out smiles on people’s faces, ugh. No thank you.

I don’t know what I’ll do for a snack this afternoon but I did find oatmeal in my closet a few weeks ago and that’s still there. Maybe I’ll have oatmeal. It’s good to know I’m eating my “emergency” food during non-emergency events. Excellent survival skills.

With all this exciting hunting for food in the office business going on, it’s easy to see why I keep forgetting that I recently was forced to change my password at work. UGH. I ABHOR changing passwords. They’re required by the company every something-or-other days. SO ANNOYING. Every single password cycle, I’m always on the verge of locking myself out of my machine. Stoopid policy. Yes, of course, it makes sense, but it’s SO SUPER ANNOYING.

The end.


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