October 11, 2011

Curmudgeon Tuesday

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I have decided to be grumpy today and curmudgeon I shall be. Take that, Tuesday!

I woke up early and got to work earlier, which is good, but I forgot my headphones and my coworkers are extra cheerful and noisy today. Sometimes, I just need my quiet time. I feel like telling these young-at-heart whippersnappers to caaaaaaallllllllmmmm doowwwwwnnnn. Sigh.

I “broke up” with a bunch of my internet boyfriends, that’s always fun. I’m also trying to compile 3 months worth of work into 3 weeks because I’ll be traveling in November. People always need me at work and home when there’s even a whisper of me not being there and now that it’s confirmed that I won’t be here, everything. Must. Be. Done. NOW. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Also, some jokers are texting me. Oh online dating, you beast, you. Bah. Sometimes, I just feel like hiding in a cave. With Facebook. Which is just such a contradiction. How else would I stalk peoples?

Also, younger sisters are incredibly, breathtakingly, annoying. So annoying. When I start with my sister, I just can’t stop, I don’t know why. It’s like we’re children. Terrible. And she just pi$$ed me off so royally this morning. I would go get candy or something to make myself feel better except I haven’t weighed in the past two weeks and my tummy is getting uncomfortably large. I gave up Spanx and I refuse to go back to it. I’m banking on my trip whittling me down to size, lots of walking in the blistering heat is planned.

I’m going to go back to glaring at things moodily. Perhaps today is more Teenage-Angst Tuesday. Maybe I’ll go have some juice.


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